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Transportation Planning

Tehama Tomorrow - Regional Blueprint Planning Report
The purpose of Blueprint planning is to engage the community in a grassroots planning process using visual aids developed with GIS. Blueprint planning gives people a voice and provides information to decision makers to guide infrastructure and development in a manner that will result in financially viable, healthy, and desirable communities. Click to continue reading...

Overall Work Program - Adopted June 2017
The 2017-2018 Tehama County Transportation Commission Overall Work Plan (OWP) has been prepared in accordance with OWP guidance. The Regional Transportation Plan is the core planning document of the Tehama County Transportation Commission (TCTC) for the county and incorporated cities of Corning, Red Bluff, and Tehama. The annual OWP functions like a business plan as it includes tasks and funds for the year. The OWP is adopted by TCTC and approved by Caltrans District 2 in conjunction with Caltrans headquarters in Sacramento. The overall goal of the OWP is to explain how activities or work products relate to the implementation of the RTP, as such the OWP is a living document which can be amended to meet needs or respond to changes. Plans and documents include:

  • Regional Transportation Plans (RTP)

  • Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP)

  • RTP and TIP environmental compliance

  • Overall Work Program and Amendments

  • Master Fund Transfer Agreements

  • Multimodal Planning

  • Regional Blueprint Plans

  • Goods Movement Documents

Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plan
This Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan, for the Tehama County Transportation Commission (TCTC) and Tehama County Transit Agency Board (TCTAB), is sponsored by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). It is part of a larger planning effort overseen by Caltrans on behalf of 23 counties in non-urbanized areas within the State of California. The project has been completed in two phases: the first resulted in an Existing Conditions Report, which described existing transportation services and programs, and identified service gaps and needs. The second phase of the project focused on identification of potential strategies and solutions to mitigate those service gaps, and on developing a plan to implement those strategies. The results and key findings emerging from both phases of the planning process are documented in this Coordinated Plan. Click to continue reading...

Fix Five Partnership - Tehama County Impact Fee Nexus Study
This report presents an analysis of the need for additional capacity on Interstate 5 to support future development within Tehama County. This chapter provides a summary of the study’s results and explains the background and purpose for the study.

The Fix Five Partnership (Partnership) is an inter-regional joint venture of public agencies with stakeholder participation in Tehama and Shasta Counties brought together by a common need to study and address the impending deterioration of traffic conditions on I-5. Click to continue reading...

Tehama County Bikeways Plan
The purpose of the Tehama County Bikeways Plan is to provide a holistic approach to bikeways planning for bike and pedestrian facilities throughout the county. Alternative transportation improves the quality of life of citizens by providing modes of transportation that encourage exercise and reduces pollution. Click to continue reading...


Updated: Wednesday April 01, 2020