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Sacramento River Stream Gage - Tehama Bridge

River Stage and Flow
Sacramento River at Tehama Bridge
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Sacramento River at Tehama Bridge Flood Stage Impacts

  • 210.0 Feet
    Water into RV park on east side of river. Tires of trailers get wet.

  • 213.0 Feet
    Flood Stage - Road inside trailer park and turn around site under railroad tracks (Tehama Vina Road) become impassable. Water is into area around structures on east side of river. No structural damage. Sheriff's Department issues advisory and makes sure Pelhams Bay, Snug Harbor, Ditters River Inn (small trailer park all in a row on east side of river north of bridge) know of advisory.

  • 214.0 Feet
    Between 213.0 and 214.0 Feet the county park becomes inaccessible. Lower trailer park slots (temporary slots) start to flood.

  • 218.0 Feet
    Pelhams Resort access road floods.

  • 218.3 Feet
    Low lying area on west side of river, south of town of Tehama floods.

  • 218.6 Feet
    Water comes into south end of town of Tehama on the west bank.

  • 219.0 Feet
    Water on streets at south end of town of Tehama. Trailers at Pelhams Bay begin to flood. Many roads closes: Gyle Road at 5th Street, Gyle Road at railroad tracks, Tehama Vina Road at park, and C Street west of 5th Street at the dip.

  • 220.0 Feet
    Three homes on east side of river flooded. Second Street south of I Street flooded. Fourth Street at I Street flooded. Fifth Street flooded from Gyle curve to F Street. San Benito Road at railroad tracks flooded.

  • 220.6 Feet
    Water flows over the B Street Levee at Pacific Farms north of town. This water flows south into the northwest section of town. The road to Gerber is closed. Most sections of Tehama are flooded or have water over the roads. On the east side of the river, the county park, trailer parks and Pelhams Resort buildings are flooded.


Updated: Friday March 27, 2020