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Past Projects

Non-Motorized Transportation - Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails
This is a Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide writing and planning services to the Tehama County Transportation Commission for the creation of a Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails: Active Transportation Plan for the geographic areas of Tehama County and the incorporated cities of Corning, Red Bluff and Tehama. In addition to allowing local jurisdictions to become eligible for active transportation funds, an Active Transportation Plan will provide a dynamic planning document that guides in the development of a seamless network of on- and off-street pedestrian and bicycle facilities integrated with the public transportation and thoroughfare networks. The Plan will develop a network of priorities for access, safety, comfort, and assist in funding priorities. Click to view full RFP...

Los Molinos Safe Routes to School
Tehama County Department of Public Works is working on the Safe Routes to School Project located in Los Molinos. This project runs from the Elementary School north along 5 blocks to Grant Street. Stanford Avenue is an important primary school route for students traveling to and from both the Los Molinos High School and the Los Molinos Elementary School. The project consists of installing crosswalks, curb, gutter, and sidewalks approximately 5 wide along the entire length of the project on the east side of Stanford Ave. The entire roadway easement may be used for improvements.

Flood Feasibility Study RFQ
A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is being issued to interested consultants who wish to be considered for selection to provide services to Tehama County to prepare feasibility studies to evaluate structural and nonstructural actions to reduce the flood risk for the small communities of Vina and Gerber.

Interested parties can access the RFQ on CIP List (www.CIPLIST.com), pick one up at the Public Works Office (address below). Questions can be directed to Ryan Teubert at (530) 385-1462 or rteubert@tcpw.ca.gov. Statement of Qualifications are due no later than 4:00 PM October 17, 2017 at Tehama County Public Works Department offices, 9380 San Benito Avenue, Gerber, CA 96035. Click to view the RFQ...

Public Works - Engineering Building Roof
The project includes, but it not limited to, the following: Furnish all materials, labor, tools, equipment and incidentals for work involved to remove and replace approximately 2,830 sf of existing roofing materials with new Title 24 compliant PVC single ply roofing material, underlayment and flashings.

Closed-Circuit Television Inspection of Wastewater Collection System
The project entails sanitary sewer pipeline flushing and cleaning, closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection of pipelines and manholes, audio-visual recording of pipeline interiors of approximately 5,400 lineal feet of 8-inch and 11,680 lineal feet of 6-inch pipeline with vehicular access, approximately 2,020 lineal feet of 6-inch pipeline with easements, 49 sewer manholes with vehicular access, 12 sewer manholes with easements, removal of debris, documentation of changed conditions on mapping sheets, delivery of inspection results, and all other associated work required to perform CCTV inspection of sewer pipelines and manholes, within the Mineral Wastewater Collection System.

Bridge Preventative Maintenance Program
Bridge Maintenance activities on 13 structures throughout Tehama County including: cleaning bridge deck surfaces, applying methacrylate polymer sealant and polyester concrete overlay, removing of asphalt surfacing, replacing joint seals and assemblies, reconstructing approach slabs, and placing pavement marking and striping.

Transit Facility HVAC
This project includes the replacement of three existing heating, air conditioning, and swamp cooler units at the existing building with equal or better units, installation of an addition duct and register to service the Vault Room and break room, an inspection and cleaning of the current ducting, registers and system operation, with written recommendations for modifications or changes necessary for proper air circulation, based on an air flow test of the completed work, to achieve the most efficient operating system possible.

Grant Street Drainage Project
Project includes the installation of storm sewer drain facilities, water meter relocation, fire hydrant relocation, reconstruction of roadway, installation of curb, gutter and sidewalk. This project is bid as a Base Project with several alternatives which may be added depending on the cost of the bids for the Base Project and each alternative.

Highway 99W/Gerber Road & San Benito Ave./Gerber Road Intersection Improvement
Construct auxiliary lanes on 99W at Gerber Road and San Benito Avenue at Gerber Road. Work generally includes widening of existing roadway, HMA overlay, drainage improvements, signage, striping and shoulder rumble strips.

Transit Facility Electrical Project
This project includes the modification and installation of electrical facilities including: wiring, lighting, circuit breakers, etc. for the office remodeling of the Transit Facility Building.

Corning Well Pump Replacement
The Contractor will be responsible for designing and furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment and incidentals necessary for the pumping of domestic water from an existing subsurface well located at the Corning Maintenance Yard.

Reeds Creek Road at Pine Creek Bridge
The project consists of constructing a two span cast-in-place bridge (BR. NO. 08C-0379) 85 feet in length supported on steel driven H-pile at the abutments and bent. Additional project work includes, but is not limited to, construction of concrete approach slabs, widening of roadway, asphalt paving, installation of metal beam guard railing, pavement striping and installation of fencing.

South Avenue Thermoplastic Striping
The Contractor shall furnish all labor, equipment, materials, supplies, signage, traffic control and other incidentals necessary to apply extruded thermoplastic traffic striping on South Avenue from the Sacramento River west to Corning City limits. This project will be replacing the current striping, with no changes to the existing pattern.

Los Molinos Drainage Master Plan RFP
The project is funded by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Tehama County Flood Control & Water Conservation District funds. Construction is planned in the summer of 2016 when school is not in session. The project includes intersection and mid-block storm drains, roadway repair, and curb and gutter.

Highway 99W at Thomes Creek Bridge
The work, in general, consists of constructing the Thomes Creek Bridge (Bridge No. 8C-0337), a 609 foot, five span, cast-in-place pre-stressed concrete box girder bridge supported on steel driven H-Piles at the seat type abutments and bents.

Bywood Drive Slurry Seal
The project will begin approximately 2,330 feet South from the intersection of Bowman Road and Bywood Drive (Alta Way) South for a distance of 2,730 feet to Cypress Drive.

Tehama County Transit Facility
The project includes the construction of a 12' x 42' metal building addition to the existing building; installing one 12' high x 12' wide and one 10' wide x 12' high drive-through roll up door, one 3' x 6'-8" door; relocating one 3' x 6'-8" door; concrete patio and roof structure; additional sidewalks and additional bracing.

Tehama County Bus Shelter Installation
Installation of 27 transit shelters throughout Tehama County. Work generally includes construction of concrete pads, sidewalk expansion and shelter assembly and installation. All shelters have been pre-purchased.

Bowman Road Safe Routes To School
The Base bid for the project will include construction of a Class I bike path, approx. one mile in length, along the south side of Bowman Rd. between Sebastian Ct. to approximately 70-feet east of the westerly property line of Evergreen Middle School; and improvement of three bus stops along Bowman Rd. near the intersections of Starr Rd., Keeper Way and Rory Ln.

South Avenue Shoulder Widening
Work includes reconditioning the shoulders of South Avenue, installing guard railing on structures, updating striping and makings and providing rumble strips for increased safety.

San Benito Curve Realignment
Reconstruction of approximately 2,390LF of roadway including removal of existing asphalt roadway, horizontal curve realignment, shoulder widening, drainage course realignment and updated pavement delineation.

South Avenue/Hall Road & Hoag Road/Hall Road Intersection Improvement
Construct auxiliary turning lanes on South Avenue and minor realignment of Hall Road. Work includes widening of roadway, grinding portion of existing roadway, HMA overlay, and placement of signage, striping, and rumble strips.

Orangewood Road Vertical Curve Realignment
Clearing and grubbing orchard trees and roadside vegetation, removing and/or replacing other roadside objects for reconstruction and widening of 0.4 miles of two lane roadway including importing borrow to realign vertical curve.

Rancho Tehama Curve Realignment
Realignment of a horizontal curve on Rancho Tehama Road, 1.5 miles west of Paskenta Road. Work includes salvaging existing asphalt, excavation and grading of super elevated curve, new hot mix asphalt, culverts, field fencing, signage and striping.

Highway 99W Overlay
Rehabilitation and HMA overlay of portions of Hwy. 99W. Bidder must select one of two alternative construction methods; 'Method A' (dig-outs and reinforcing fabric OR 'Method B' (cold in-place recycling). Work also includes new pavement striping and markings.


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