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Land Development

The documents available on this page are undergoing revisions and are subject to change. Please check back periodically as updated sections will be denoted with a publish date.

Land Development and Engineering Design Standards
The purpose of these Land Development Standards is to provide standards of design, construction methods, kind and use of materials in the implementation of facilities within and adjacent to certain types of development projects permitted by Tehama County and to determine operational procedures in the preparation and review of plans, affected permit applications, tentative maps, final maps and parcel maps. Click to view full document...

Public Works & County Surveyor Fee and Deposit Schedule
Current Public Works & County Surveyor fee and deposit schedule effective April 2016.

General Soil Map
Soils of the floodplains and terraces within Tehama County.

Land Development and Engineering Design Standards By Section

Table of Contents

Chapter 01 - Development Policies
The Regulations, Standards and Procedures provided herein shall be construed to be the minimum necessary to promote and protect the public health, safety and general welfare, and they may be made more restrictive by the approving authority in cases where the approving authority finds such action is deemed necessary to protect the public interest and to ensure sound planning standards or, on the advice of the County Engineer, to ensure sound engineering standards.

Chapter 02 - Road Policies and Drainage Design Standards
The policies and standards established by this chapter are not a limitation upon the powers of an approving authority to protect public health and safety and to ensure consistency between projects subject to these policies and standards, the General Plan, all other applicable laws, policies and standards of Tehama County, and all applicable state and federal laws.

Chapter 03 - Mapping and Surveying
All final maps, parcel maps, and record of surveys shall conform to the requirements set forth in this chapter, unless provided for in the current Subdivision Map Act and Land Surveyors Act. See Chapter 8 for submittal requirements and standard documents.

Chapter 04 - Grading and Erosion Control
The purpose of this chapter is to promote and protect the public safety, convenience, comfort, prosperity, protection of water quality, environmental health and watershed functions, general welfare and the county's natural resources by establishing minimum requirements for grading, excavating, and filling in order to:

  • Control erosion and sedimentation and prevent damage to off-site property and streams, water-courses, and aquatic habitat

  • Avoid creation of unstable slopes or filled areas

  • Prevent impairment or destruction of potential leach fields for sewage disposal systems

  • Regulate de facto development caused by uncontrolled grading

Chapter 05 - Sewage Disposal Standards
In addition to the provisions of the Tehama County Ordinance Code regulating sewage disposal, the following regulations and standards apply to all individual sewage disposal, sewage disposal systems, and sewage disposal operations over which the Tehama County Director of Environmental Health has jurisdiction.

Chapter 06 - Fire Safety Standards
This chapterís release is pending approval of a new County Ordinance and will be published at a later date pending Board of Supervisors approval.

Chapter 07 - Sanitary Sewer and Water System Standards
Water systems shall meet the following design requirements except where specifically approved by the Department of Public Works. All construction shall conform to latest edition of Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (SS), unless modified herein and shall conform to Title 22, State of California Water Works Standards.

Chapter 08 - Checklists and Sample Documents

Chapter 09 - Standard Drawings

Chapter 10 - Drainage Design Tables and Charts

Glossary of Terms


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