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Engineering Division

William Pike
County Surveyor
(530) 385-1462 x3007

The Engineering Division performs mandated functions for individuals and organizations in Tehama County. These functions include construction plan checking, checking land development projects for consistency with state and local regulations, and reviewing proposed projects to provide conditions of approval.

Encroachment Permits
The use of Tehama County roadways for other than normal transportation purposes may require written authorization from the Department of Public Works. Tehama County Public Works reviews all requests from utility companies, developers, volunteers, nonprofit organizations, etc., desiring to conduct various activities within the right of way. Such activities could include: construction of highway improvements, driveway installation and maintenance, highway landscaping and graffiti removal, commercial filming, and special events such as parades commemorating an event. Click to view and print permits...

Transportation Permits
Tehama County Public Works has the discretionary authority to issue special permits for the movement of vehicles/loads exceeding statutory limitations on the size, weight, and loading of vehicles. Requests for such special permits requires the completion of and application for a Transportation Permit. Click to view and print permits...

Engineering Division Contacts

Rob Brownfield
Engineering Technician
(530) 385-1462 x3014

Shawn Furtado
Civil Engineer
(530) 385-1462 x3008

Meghan Garrison
Engineering Technician
(530) 385-1462 x3012

Greg Latourell
Engineering Technician
(530) 385-1462 x3013

Mary Oliver
Engineering Technician
(530) 385-1462 x3015

Jessica Pecha
Civil Engineer
(530) 385-1462 x3026

Will Pike
County Surveyor
(530) 385-1462 x3007

Annaly Ramirez
Assistant Engineer
(530) 385-1462 x3048

Speero Tannous
Engineering Technician
(530) 385-1462 x3025

George Trnka
Engineering Technician
(530) 385-1462 x3019

Cole Younger
Engineering Technician


Updated: Friday March 27, 2020