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Tehama County Transportation Commission
Tehama County Transportation Commission - Meeting Backup Item
The mission of the Tehama County Transportation Commission is to maintain and improve mobility and access for the people, goods and services in and through Tehama County.
The actions of the Tehama County Transportation Commission will result in reliable, flexible, efficient and safe transportation systems throughout Tehama County.
Optimize the existing transportation system by improving trip quality, including safety, reliability and access.
Build a transportation partnership with Federal, State, local, private and community organizations for a better transportation system.
Manage resources effectively to achieve the highest value for the taxpayers.
Efficiently and effectively deliver capital improvements that facilitate and improve the safe movement of people, goods and services.
Use public transportation funds in a timely, cost-effective manner for the purposes intended and consistent with federal and state laws and regulations, and with Tehama County's social, economic and environmental goals.
Use new technologies and management strategies to improve transportation outcomes.
Assure professionalism, innovation and responsiveness in solving the County's transportation problems.
Develop, enhance and retain a competent, capable and motivated Commission staff for the future.



Last Update: June 18, 2015