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Public Works Administration and Accounting

Administration & Accounting Hours:

Monday - Friday

8:00am - 5:00pm

Tehama County Public Works Administration & Accounting department is responsible for the overall function and operation of the Public Works Department.

The Administration is composed of the Public Works Director, the assistant director, office manager, secretarial staff, accounting staff and information systems staff.

Pilot G2 pensThe Administration staff will be the first contact the majority of the public and interdepartmental people make with our department. They act as receptionists and switchboard operators as well as public information persons for the department. They type and mail correspondence, schedule meetings, answer phones, distribute interoffice mail, department mail, maintain the department filing system, maintain bidder's lists, do radio dispatch if needed, process agenda items for the Board of Supervisors, order and maintain office supplies for the department, as well as helping anyone as they enter our building.

CalculatorThe Accounting staff is another vital part of the of the Public Works Department. This group is responsible for department cost accounting, accounts payable, maintaining the budget and other accounting functions that you would expect to find in any business.

Personnel and Payroll are two more areas of responsibility. New hires for the department are processed through this office, coordinating with the central County Personnel department. Timekeeping is maintained through an internal cost accounting system, providing data to the central County Payroll department for disbursement of employee payroll checks.

LaptopThe Public Works Department relies heavily on computers. From word processing and email to Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the computer has become an integral part of the Department. The Information Systems staff is responsible for the maintenance of these systems and support of the various computer programs.



Last Update: November 10, 2014